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We offer:
Air cargo handling
Vessel chartering & agency
Land transportation (rail & truck)
Containerised & Overweight cargo handling

"CAUTREX" operates regular intermodal sea and inland transportation lines via port of Poti and Batumi from the Trancaucasus countries to the ports of Caspian and Black seas and Mediterranean, linked with European and transcontinental sea lines.

"CAUTREX" handles all types of sea-containers; standard dry, tank-containers, ref. containers. The inland transportation is effected by railway and trucks on "door to door" basis. "CAUTREX" is using own equipment and trucks and also leasing equipment from partners and works on contract basis with truckers to meet all requirements of clients.

"CAUTREX" can provide excellent terminal service using our own terminal network.

"CAUTREX" arranges the transportation of general, heavy and oversize cargo and their handling in Port.

"CAUTREX" is chartering and agenting of vessels.

"CAUTREX" arranges coordination, guidance and control of cargo movement.

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